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Top Ten Disney Properties Underrepresented in Kingdom Hearts

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    Last Updated: September 12, 2010

    With the recent Kingdom Hearts games starting to concentrate mostly on either Final Fantasy characters or characters created specifically for the game, I am beginning to wonder if Square-Enix is running out of Disney material that they feel would be good to include in the game. Problem is, there are TONS of Disney films, TV Shows, and other media left un-tapped so far. I have made a list of the top ten Disney properties underrepresented in Kingdom Hearts, excluding most of their live action stuff. Not that people wouldnt love to play a level from The Parent Trap or Davey Crockett, but I figured animated stuff would be more suitable. These are in no particular order:


    So you thought I was going to keep this list down to simply feature films? Think again! Gargoyles was a fairly popular kids television show that ran in the mid 1990s. What set it apart from the usual Disney kids cartoon was that it specifically targeted the same audience as shows such as X-men, Batman the Animated Series, and Spider-man. The story revolved around a group of creatures referred to as gargoyles due to the fact that they turn to stone at night and resemble the grotesque statues of the same name. The show featured tons of characters and locations that could easily be pumped into a Kingdom Hearts game. Hell Id settle for a random Cameo by Goliath the shows main hero.

    Ducktales / Darkwing Duck

    Another show, well set of shows, Id like to see was the early nineties double hitter of Ducktales and its spinoff Darkwing Duck. Ducktales featured a cast containing most notably Scrooge McDuck, who was only seen previously in the Disney comics and a Disney themed version of A Christmas Carol called Mickeys Christmas carol. In Scrooges care was Donald Ducks nephews Huey, Duey, and Louie sent to live at his wealthy abode while Donald does a tour of the Navy. The show proved so successful that it ran for over 100 episodes and got its own feature length film and a spin-off.
    The spin-off, Darkwing Duck, featured an avian superhero much in the vein of 1940s pulp comic heroes. Aided by a charcter from its parent show, Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing solved all manner of crimes on our TV screens. Neither property has shown up in any Kingdom Hearts game as far as I know, they could at least Make Scrooge the banker or something, being that he has that huge money bank to swim in.

    Black Cauldron

    The 1980s were an awesome time for dark, gritty family oriented fantasy films. In a matter of five years or so we had The Dark Crystal, The Labyrinth and Disneys The Black Cauldron. The film did not do to well in the box office partly due to its dark subject matter and PG rating, which was a lot harsher back then. The story follows a typical fantasy outline of a hero and a rag-tag group of mercenaries trying to stop an evil King. This time the evil comes from a Cauldron that can create a huge army of undead called the cauldron Born. If anything the cauldron itself could play a role in the games!

    The Sword in the Stone

    The last film that Walt Disney directly oversaw, while he was alive, was 1963s The Sword in The Stone. Based on one of the Arthurian legends, it tells the story of the would be King Arthur, called Wart for the majority of the film, and his struggling apprenticeship and squirehood with Merlin the Wizard. Wart later pulls the Sword from the Stone and the rest is history. While Merlin appears in Kingdom Hearts II, I would love to see appearances by Wart, the sword, or maybe a jousting tournament.

    Jungle Book / Tailspin
    Rumors have been raging for a while that The Jungle Book was originally to appear in the very first game, but got cut due to its similarity to Tarzans world. Rumors still pop up that it will be added to each new game released, but this has yet to materialize. The Jungle Book was a late 1960s animated film based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling. It stars a boy named Mowgli and a huge cast of animals including his buddy Baloo, a bear, as they try to avoid the evil clutches of the Tiger Shere Khan.
    An odd spinoff of sorts was created in the early 1990s that starred Baloo in the main role and further anthropomorphized he and his animal brethren into 1930s fighter pilots. Tail Spin was very successful and enjoyed a huge run. With this series, one could easily have the characters meet Mowgli and baloo in the Jungle and fight Shere Khan, it writes itself.

    Robin Hood
    Best known (sadly) as the origin for that song that played on the old Hamster Dance website, Disneys Robin Hood took a bunch of anthropomorphized animals and tossed them into the shoes of Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and even Little John. While not a huge critical success, the film went on to be VERY popular with its fans. Like many of the films on this list, Robin Hood could easily work in Kingdom Hearts, you could have an archery contest, a sneak mission, and even fight Prince John.

    The Emperor’s New Groove

    If the producers are worried that a few movies might be too similar to others used in previous games, a movie such as The Emperor’s New Groove could cure such a woe. It strayed far away from the typical Disney mythos and inserted a vaguely Incan vibe to it. The story follows a spoiled young Emperor and a Headman from a neighboring village in a buddy movie, where all parties involved get sappy and learn to love each other in the end. To my knowledge none of the characters from this production have ever been in a Kingdom Hearts game.

    The Resucers or The Resucers Down Under

    The Rescuers is definitely an older Disney film that doesnt get a lot of hype anymore. I blame this on Disneys vault method of releasing DVDs to the public long after folks would really want them. The story follows Bernard and Bianca, a pair of mouse agents, tasked with international rescue attempts on anyone that needs help. The first movie happens in a swampland, and the other in Australia. To me a semi-spy motif would be great for a level in the games. Sadly no characters from this franchise have appeared in any of the games. And talking about mysterious mice, Great Mouse Detective anyone?

    Anything from Pixar

    Pixar and Disney were in the middle of a huge feud during the making of Kingdom Hearts 2, but the two parties have made up and Steve Jobs even runs Disneys animation for the most part now. Rather than having worlds based on each Pixar movie, the creators could have some sort of Pixar world containing characters and themes from Toy Story, Cars, Ratatouille, and The Incredibles etc. These are some of Disneys most popular movies, so its baffling that they havent appeared as of yet.

    Disney now owns the Muppets, but has honesty done nothing but make lackluster made for TV movies with the franchise. What better way to help hype up the upcoming new movie, than to plant the seeds for a younger audience. Personally I would die to play as Kermit the frog in one of these games!

    Well there you have it, maybe Kingdom hearts 3 can do a few of these!


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