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The Top Ten Video Game Narratives Of The Current Generation

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    Last Updated: January 10, 2011

    For a game to exist as a living, breathing entity, rather than an exercise in mechanics, it must operate by telling a story. In many games, even some of the most critically lauded, the importance of the narrative is shelved in favor of the action-movie gameplay and jaw-dropping visuals. But, for many of the gamers out there, those are only small facets. The beauty lies in what is communicated to us from the game, and in how we respond to its resonance. They don’t need to be complicated or elegant, but they must introduce characters and ideas that stir us, tied into a story that has something grander to say. We look at this unique and bounteous generation of gaming to find the most brilliantly told stories. And we celebrate them by putting them together in a best-of list. Enjoy!


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