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  • Website Simulates Amiga OS
    By on March 6, 2014 | Comments Off  Comments

    cyclomedia writes “The Decibel Kid — the “AudioVisual Artist” responsible for last summer’s Ipswich Zelda Map — has unveiled his new website. Modeled on Amiga OS it supports changing the wallpaper, window dragging, resizing, minimizing, and that z-index shuffle button. The mobile site is a completely different beast, modeling itself as a low-res LCD.” There’s even a drum machine. If you’re pining for the “real” thing, there’s always UAE (more…)

  • Court Rules Website Terms of Service Agreement Completely Invalid
    By on November 1, 2012 | Comments Off  Comments

    another random user sends this excerpt from Business Insider:
    “In January, hackers got hold of 24 million Zappos customers’ email addresses and other personal information. Some of those customers have been suing Zappos, an online shoes and clothing retailer that’s owned by Amazon.com. Zappos wants the matter to go into arbitration, citing its terms of service. The problem: A federal court just ruled that agreement completely invalid. So (more…)

  • Final Fantasy XIII Website Updated + New Trailer Released
    By on October 2, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    Square Enix have updated the Final Fantasy 13 Japan website with a bunch of new stuff following TGS, along with the latest trailer for the game