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  • Palm Frees Up webOS Development
    By on October 6, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    Per Wigren writes in with news that Palm has just announced a number of changes to its webOS development platform that should really be welcomed by developers — especially after the chilly reception that Palm seemed to be giving to open source in recent days. OSnews notes that “This moves the webOS much closer to Android territory.” Quoting TechCrunch: “The first is that they’re allowing developers to fully distribute their apps via the web. (more…)

  • Recovery Tool Includes Leak of Palm’s WebOS 1.2
    By on September 5, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    El Royo writes “Today, Palm leaked version 1.2 of the webOS operating system that powers the Palm Pre. According to PreCentral, the new version was inadvertently included in a recovery tool Palm makes available. New features include support for the forthcoming App Catalog changes, copy and paste from Web sites, improved e-mail search and faster boot times.”

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