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  • Star Wars The Old Republic: Modular Equipment [Beta Screenshot]
    By on July 30, 2011 | Comments Off  Comments

    Fans not lucky enough to get into a beta or player trial of SWTOR are hanging onto every little piece of news they can get to tell them something more about the game before release. Screen shot leaks from beta are one way that some of us are getting a sneak peek into the game and what it might hold. While it’s important to remember that anything released early, especially from a beta, is subject to change. In fact, it probably will change- several (more…)

  • Star Wars The Old Republic Graphics Evolution & Comparison
    By on February 25, 2011 | Comments Off  Comments

    Here is a look at Star Wars The Old Republic’s graphic evolution from 2009 to 2011 with a comparison of other MMO’s and a look at their graphic approach.


  • Activision Blizzard CEO Not Worried About The Old Republic Competing with WoW
    By on December 3, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    Due to the commitment that the fanbase of World of Warcraft shows Kotick isn’t overly worried about the kind of impact that Bioware’s Star Wars: The old republic will have on those playing WOW.


  • Star Wars The Old Republic Release date and EA Lousegate
    By on November 7, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    This is s quite different from what they’ve been saying in the past where they’ve always stated “spring 2011″. Signs of the release having slipped perhaps?


  • Planets of Star Wars: the old republic – Corellia
    By on September 21, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    Corellia was the capital planet of the Corellian system, which included Selonia, Drall, Tralus, and Talus. It was also the birthplace of smuggler and New Republic General Han Solo as well as Rogue Squadron pilot and New Republic hero Wedge Antilles, along with many other humans who played important roles in the histories of the Rebel Alliance, New Republic, and Galactic Alliance.


  • Star Wars The Old Republic: New The Force Unleashed II Cut-Scene
    By on September 20, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    The GTTV crew just revealed a new cut-scene from the highly anticipated sequel to the fastest selling Star Wars game ever: The Force Unleashed II


  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: HOPE E3 2010 Cinematic Trailer
    By on June 15, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    tar Wars: The Old Republic – Hope Trailer E3 2010 Cinematic Trailer Revealed


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – THE MOVIE
    By on April 24, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    After thousands of re-edits and years of work, here is your chance to watch Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as a movie. All content is captured in-game edited together as a movie. Here is part 1 of a trilogy .


  • Star Wars: The Old Republic – Peace for the Republic?
    By on April 21, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    The centuries immediately preceding the Great War were thought to be one of the most peaceful eras in Republic history. As he dives deeper into the galaxy’s history, Master Gnost-Dural discovers new evidence that suggests the dark influence of the Sith Empire was seeping into the Republic even then.


  • Star Wars The Old Republic Gameplay
    By on February 22, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    This is a collection of all the gameplay footage shown so far for The Old Republic.