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  • Lawro’s predictions v Death in Paradise
    By on January 10, 2015 | Comments Off  Comments

    BBC Sport’s football expert Mark Lawrenson is taking on Death in Paradise stars Don Warrington and Kris Marshall.


  • Guscott’s Premiership predictions
    By on October 25, 2012 | Comments Off  Comments

    BBC rugby union expert gives his verdict on round seven of the Premiership season


  • NC Planners May Be Barred From Using Speculative Sea Level Rise Predictions
    By on May 31, 2012 | Comments Off  Comments

    ideonexus writes “Republicans in North Carolina are floating a bill that would force planners to only consider historical data in predicting the sea-level rise (SLR) for the state as opposed to considering projections that take Global Warming into account. NC-20, the pro-development lobbying group representing twenty counties along the NC coast, is behind the effort and asserts that the one-meter prediction would prohibit development on (more…)