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  • The First Geek Wedding At a LinuxFest
    By on September 27, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    At the Ohio LinuxFest yesterday, two Linux geeks were married — or had their projects merged into a single trunk, as the officiant, Lord Drachenblut, put it. The wedding of Randy Noseworthy (proprietor of the Juiced Penguin) and Janet Edmonson was announced last week and was live-tweeted by at least one attendee — here’s his photo of the happy couple. There’s also a video of the ceremony, at which Jon “Maddog” Hall offered a blessing via (more…)

  • Beatlemania 2.0: Sales Projected To Top 500k In First Week
    By on September 16, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    Could a band that broke up in 1970 really become the best-selling act of the current decade?


  • First Algae Car Attempts To Cross the US On 25 Gallons of Fuel
    By on September 12, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    Mike writes “San Francisco recently saw the unveiling of the world’s first algae fuel-powered vehicle, dubbed the Algaeus. The plug-in hybrid car, which is a Prius tricked out with a nickel metal hydride battery and a plug, runs on green crude from Sapphire Energy — no modifications to the gasoline engine necessary. The set-up is so effective, according to FUEL producer Rebecca Harrell, that the Algaeus can cross the US on approximately 25 gallons (more…)

  • Hubble Releases First Post-Upgrade Images
    By on September 9, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    Hynee writes “As tweeted, NASA has released 10 new images, all from the new WFC3 instrument and others, including the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph. Images include NGC 6302, Carina Nebula, Stephan’s Quintet, Markarian 817, Abell 370, and a few others. Great looking stuff, the WFC3 has twice the resolution of the WF/PC2, on the CCD at least, if memory serves correctly. Eta Carina is a fascinating object, and there are at least two releases in this ‘Early (more…)