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  • The Genealogy of Dragon Quest’s Monsters
    By on May 26, 2011 | Comments Off  Comments

    We go down the family trees of some of Dragon Quest’s most common and recognizable (and cute!) foes.


  • Dragon Age II: Everything You Need to Know
    By on January 16, 2011 | Comments Off  Comments

    What’s the deal with combat, the storyline and importing your save file? We cover all this and more.


  • Dragon Age: Origins To Get Paid DLC Expansion — On Launch Day
    By on October 7, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    BioWare’s upcoming RPG, Dragon Age: Origins, is set to launch on November 3rd. Today they announced details about some of the downloadable content they have planned for the game. In fact, it’s scheduled to become available on the same day the game launches, at a cost of $7. (The PS3 version will be slightly delayed). “Called the Warden’s Keep, the DLC will add a dungeon-based quest to the game along with six new abilities, a variety of items, and (more…)