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  • Could Crowdsourcing Help the SEC Detect Fraud?
    By on August 11, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    An anonymous reader writes “The SEC failed to catch Bernie Madoff largely because they are understaffed (a fact the SEC itself has admitted), under-funded, and simply lack the resources to adequately investigate his activities. Undoubtedly, there were other smaller incidents of fraud that have gone unpunished because of this deficiency. To solve this egregious issue, NERA Economic Consulting proposed crowdsourcing, the concept behind Wikipedia’s existence. (more…)

  • Five advanced technologies to detect cancer
    By on May 6, 2010 | Comments Off  Comments

    Technological advances are making it easier to spot cancer early, which is key to better survival rates. Mammograms, CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds have long been a part of cancer diagnosis. Below are some of the other imaging and diagnostic tools available.


  • Kepler Mission Could Detect Exomoons
    By on September 5, 2009 | Comments Off  Comments

    Lord Northern writes “According to several news sources, NASA’s Kepler mission is said to be able to detect habitable moons orbiting planets in other star systems. Kepler is a space telescope designed to detect exoplanets. Its mission will have it orbiting the Sun for 3.5 years, after which we’ll be able to tell if any of our neighboring stars actually have planetary systems around them. However, apparently we will be able to detect not only exoplanets, (more…)