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Oklahoma Player Suspended For Tweeting to Texas Fans Go Kill Yourselves

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    Last Updated: October 4, 2010

    September 29, 2010 Capt. Gridiron
    Some people just have no common sense.
    Oklahoma Jaz Reynolds has been suspended for misuse of his Twitter account. Shortly after a gunman shot up the University of Texas campus in Austin, Texas, there was a very stupid Tweet from Reynolds stating: Hey everyone in Austin, tx.kill yourself #evillaugh.
    A football rivalry is one thing but being callous and insensitive is just uncalled for. Reynolds was back again a little bit later with another Tweet saying Everyone in austin, tx disregard that last tweet.yall will mess around n do it lmao.
    Reynolds actions only highlight the problem of social media that has plagued sports as athletes become more involved with technology. Many schools and organizations like the NFL have already issued bans of Twitter from players during the game.
    As a representative of the University of Oklahoma, Jaz Reynolds has let the team and the school down with his idiotic remarks. Since the remarks, Reynolds Tweets and account have been deleted. Coach Bob Stoops was quick to act and suspended Reynolds indefinitely and released the following statement:

    Because of his insensitive remarks on Twitter relative to Tuesdays tragedy in Austin, we have suspended Jaz Reynolds from our team indefinitely. Our rivalry with Texas will not come at the expense of dignity and respect.
    We have great concern for what happened in Austin and I am incredibly disappointed that someone connected with our team would react so callously. We have taken immediate action and I hope by doing so have illustrated how seriously we view this matter. [via]


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