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Is Kadour Ziani the Best Dunker in the World?

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    Last Updated: September 18, 2010

    September 17, 2010 Allen Moll
    Many American fans tout thelegendary Michael Jordan, Dr J Julius Erving, or even Vince Carter as the best all-time NBA dunk artists. But one international streetball legend named Kadour Ziani has been doing some spectacular dunks for nearly 20 years world-wide, that would make even the legendary MJ or Dominique proud. Hes only 510 but has an incredible 56 inch vertical leap, proven by regularly leaping over automobiles and up to four spectators on 360 dunk attempts.
    Famous for his Kick the Rim and his double reverse (that right,I said double reverse) windmill dunks, Ziani even now entering his 40s still puts on quite an exhibition in slam dunks. He even once drew world-wide acclaim by taking on and out-dunking the entire And 1 Mixtape crew in a dunk contest back in 2006. Unfortunately fans in the USA havent really been exposed to Ziani, but he undoubtedly is an international superstar in the world of streetball.
    The Algerian born player, who emigrated to France at age 5, hasnt been touring as much over the past few years but has resurfaced recently by showing out at the Quai 54 Streetball Tournament in Paris, France, where of course, he showed off by doing his patented Kick the Rim stunt (via: Streetballblog.com):
    A few years ago, he appeared on the Best Damn Sports Show Period and broke the Worlds Record for highest kick, along with finishing off some insane dunks:

    Check out arguably the best Kadour Ziani mix on youtube:

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