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How To Hire a Hacker

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    Last Updated: September 2, 2009

    itwbennett writes “If you want to hire a hacker, you need to take a more psychology-based approach to the entire interview process to determine whether he or she has changed their ways enough to be a trustworthy employee, says Mich Kabay in a recent Network World blog post. But this approach is also ‘germane for highly skilled staffers, even those that don’t come with arrest records or who have done something questionable in their pasts,’ says David Strom. For example, in your next interview, ask a question that will suss out how much of a sense of entitlement a candidate has — or how much you or your company has. ‘One time when I interviewed with Microsoft in Redmond I couldn’t get over this sense of corporate entitlement — it was one of the biggest turn-offs that I had during my interviewing day there,’ says Strom. ‘I got the feeling that I wasn’t going to fit in, no matter how smart I thought (or they thought) I was.’”

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