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Caption This! (September 5-11)

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    Last Updated: September 11, 2010

    Ever see a hilarious game image that, taken out of context, could be pure comedy gold? Thats what this feature is about. Check here every week for a new round of Caption This!, where we look at some potentially goofy videogame images and make fun of them. The whole thing works on a three week rotation, so on any given week you will be shown the winner from two weeks ago, vote on who won last week, and be given a new picture to make funny captions for.
    There is no prize for the contest other than pure bragging rights as of right now, but it could change if this feature gets enough attention. Ill keep you guys updated on that. If you know of a funny gaming related picture please email it to me at skelley@vgchartz.com and I just may use it!

    (Step 1)


    Here is the winner from two weeks ago:

    Congrats to thebeststine, who is new to the list!! Here is the updated Winner’s Circle:

    (Step 2)

    Next, Who should win for last week?

    Here is the image I posted:

    From: Batman Arkham City

    I’ve decided to make this a bit easier, so just vote for the entry you think works better!

    VOTE HERE (Opens a new window)

    (Step 3)
    This week’s Image:

    From: Kingdom Hearts – Birth By Sleep


    See that picture up there?
    Think you have a funny caption or text bubble to add?
    Just type what you want right here in the comments section, next week I will open voting for this picture, and a winner will be announced in 2 weeks. But remember, there are four rules for safe captioning:

    1) You may enteronly once.
    2) Keep it under 50 words if possible
    3) Try to keep it PG-13, some language is fine, but no over-the-top entries please.
    4) HAVE FUN!

    Other Info

    For all the weekly contests look below or check out the winners gallery

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