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Apple Announces iLife ’11, FaceTime Mac, Lion, Mac App Store, MacBook Air

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    Last Updated: October 21, 2010

    Apple once again streamed their latest keynote where they unveiled iLife ’11 (more fullscreen and Facebook in iPhoto, Audio editing and automatic trailers in iMovie, Rhythm correction and lessons in Garage Band). FaceTime for the Mac will connect video chat to phones with a Beta starting today. Next we get a preview of OS X Lion which will have an App Store and new UI bits shipping this summer. The Mac App Store will launch on Snow Leopard in 90 days. The New MacBook Air is under 3lbs, 13.3″ screen, Core 2 Duo, solid state only storage. There’s also an 11.6″ version starting at $999 with 64gb of storage shipping today.

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