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  • Webber still raw over Vettel pass
    By on March 25, 2013 | Comments Off  Comments

    Mark Webber says it will take time for the wounds of Sebastian Vettel’s antics at the Malaysian Grand Prix to heal.


  • Draft Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Update Expands Powers and Penalties
    By on March 25, 2013 | Comments Off  Comments

    Despite calls to limit the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, it looks like Congress is planning to drastically expand the law and penalties. walterbyrd writes with a few of the major changes listed in the draft bill (22 pages): “Adds computer crimes as a form of racketeering. Expands the ways in which you could be guilty of the CFAA — including making you just as guilty if you plan to ‘violate’ the CFAA than if you actually did so. Ratchets up many (more…)