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  • 5 reasons Google+ is here to stay
    By on July 30, 2011 | Comments Off  Comments

    A few weeks in, the honeymoon period is over for Google+ and it seems like some people are already losing interest. Yes, the backlash has already begun. But is Google+ going to fail? In a word: No+.


  • Star Wars The Old Republic: Modular Equipment [Beta Screenshot]
    By on July 30, 2011 | Comments Off  Comments

    Fans not lucky enough to get into a beta or player trial of SWTOR are hanging onto every little piece of news they can get to tell them something more about the game before release. Screen shot leaks from beta are one way that some of us are getting a sneak peek into the game and what it might hold. While it’s important to remember that anything released early, especially from a beta, is subject to change. In fact, it probably will change- several (more…)

  • Researchers Expose Tracking Service That Can’t Be Dodged
    By on July 30, 2011 | Comments Off  Comments

    Worf Maugg writes with this excerpt from Wired:
    “Researchers at U.C. Berkeley have discovered that some of the net’s most popular sites are using a tracking service that can’t be evaded — even when users block cookies, turn off storage in Flash, or use browsers’ ‘incognito’ functions. The service, called KISSmetrics, is used by sites to track the number of visitors, what the visitors do on the site, and where they come to the site from — (more…)